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Interested in Adopting a Rabbit or Two?


House rabbits are the third most popular pet in America. They are intelligent and affectionate, and enjoy binomo the company of each other, of people, and quite often, of other pets too! With proper education and planning, having a rabbit or two around the house can be a wonderfully rewarding experience.

Rabbits are easily litterbox-trained. The litter should be dust free, and should never contain pine or cedar, as these can cause respiratory disease. CareFresh is an excellent choice for litter, and is available at most pet supply stores.

A healthy rabbit’s diet consists of daily quantities of: 1) high-fiber pellets; 2) fresh greens such as parsley and cilantro (head lettuce has too much water and can cause diarrhea; carrots are fattening and should only be given in small quantities as treats); and 3) fresh hay, such as oat or timothy. Alfalfa hay is too rich in calcium for an adult rabbit and can cause major health problems. We can help you find sources for binomo real or fake fresh hay and proper pellets.


All our rabbits are spayed or neutered prior to placement. If you already have a rabbit, we urge you to do so as well for your rabbit’s health, and to ensure that you do not contribute to the overpopulation problem.
Before you adopt, we ask you to consider the following:

  • Are you ready to make a lifetime (8-12 year) commitment to a new pet?
  • Do you have enough time to properly care for a bunny?
  • Do you have a suitable space for bunny in your home where she will feel safe, and a part of the family?
  • Do you have proper housing available? (We can help you select housing.)
  • Are you willing to bunny-proof your home (covering electrical cords, etc.)?
  • Are the adults in the family willing to be ultimately responsible for care giving?
  • Are you prepared to supervise children and other pets when bunny is present to ensure bunny’s safety?
  • Can you afford routine and emergency vet visits as needed?
  • Is there a rabbit-savvy vet near you?
  • What happens if you decide to move?
  • Who will care for bunny while you are on vacation?

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have. If you would like to adopt one or more of our wonderful bunnies, please fill out the Adoption Form!