PetSave is run completely by volunteers and donations. All volunteers must sign up by email in advance. We sometimes have volunteer opportunities on Saturdays; to see if there is an opening please email our Saturday volunteer coordinator.

Volunteer work is primarily cleaning cages and preparing greens for the rabbits. You can get dirty! If you’ve arranged to volunteer with us, be sure to wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty and closed-toe shoes, no sandals. We also recommend bringing gloves and a disposable mask.  Thanks for your help and interest!


For every bunny that is in a foster home, we are able to save another life.  Space at the rescue is often a problem.  There are simply more rabbits needing rescuing than there is space available to them.

We are alwaysin need of additional foster home providers to enrich the lives of our rescued rabbits. Fostering can be a very rewarding experience for both the rabbit and the foster parent. A foster home setting provides the rabbit with a safe and nurturing environment while the animal waits to be placed in a permanent home. Foster home settings enable the rabbit to live indoors as a companion animal and promote exercise and socialization through daily interactions with the foster family.  PetSave provides fosters with everything they need except greens that need to be fed twice a day.



A very special thank you to Kimberly Butler
for her help in getting PetSave.org online!