About PetSave Foundation

Our mission is to provide a safe haven for abused and abandoned domestic rabbits and to provide the public with any information necessary to reduce pet over population and insure that the pet guardian relationship provides a lifetime, loving home for the pet.


We are a nonprofit, no kill organization committed to the rescue, rehabillitation, and placement of domesticated rabbits. PetSave Foundation is run 100%  by volunteers.   Every single cent of all donations goes directly to the rabbits and their medical care. The foundation was founded in June of 2000.  Since then PetSave has rescued, rehabillitated, and found loving forever homes for over a thousand domestic rabbits.

PetSave feels that the key to reducing rabbit over population and owner abandonment is by educating the public on (a) the need to spay/neuter all companion animals to avoid unwanted babies, (b) health and behavior information and (c) the proper care and housing of rabbits.


  • Rabbit adoptions
  • Rabbit care information and events
  • Providing volunteer opportunities to groups and individuals
  • Referrals to dog and cat rescue organizations
  • Boarding services